Snow and icy weather injuries

Snow and icy weather injuries
Due to icy conditions or in snow, accidents can happen, so what to do if there’s a fall, slip, bump or twist?  Our community turns to us for these winter weather injuries.

The MET office has issued blizzard conditions and that the worst weather is still to come.  They predict that heavy snow and ice will hit areas of England and London’s temperatures will plummet and disrupt train and tube services.  The emergency services will be busy keeping people safe, so what can you do to help yourself?
Back sprain injuries happen when shovelling snow, especially when muscles and ligaments are cold and the body isn’t used to the activity.

Now while you might not consider it a big deal, did you know that during 2015, there were 2,919 admissions to hospital as a result of people falling over on snow or ice? (1)
Chiropractors often see low back pain, sports injuires or winter sports injuries during weather with ice and snow.

Talk to us if you’ve had:
  • Slip
  • Fall
  • Sprain
  • Back pain

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