Just an Hour a Day!

Just an Hour a Day!

An hour of what, you ask?

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden have found that one hour of moderate physical activity, or half an hour of more vigorous exercise a day, can reduce your chances of heart failure by up to 46%.  By simply jogging or swimming for an hour a day, you can almost halve your chances of dying from heart failure.

The researchers made the discovery after they looked at the lifestyles of 39,805 men and women, aged from 20 – 90, who didn’t have heart problems when the study began in 1997.  Their levels of activity were divided into light (such as casual walking), moderate (which included jogging and swimming), and heavy (which involved competitive sports).

By doing some kind of exercise every day – even just walking or taking the stairs – you could make a big difference.

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Reference:  HeartFail,2014;7:701-8 and  What Doctors Don’t Tell You – November 2014 Edition

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