Ankle Sprains

An inversion ankle sprain (foot twisting) is the most common type and affects the anterior talo-fibular ligament(ATFL) on the outside of the ankle. The ligaments that support the ankle are damaged, and if left untreated can cause chronic leg problems. Sprains are classified from grade 1-3.

Types of Ankle Sprains:

Grade 1: minor stretching of the ligament, no instability, mild pain and swelling

Grade 2: moderate tearing, some instability, moderate-severe pain on walking, moderate swelling

Grade 3: complete tear of the ligament, instability, inability to stand, severe pain and swelling

Fracture of the bone can be associated


Pain on the outside or inside of the ankle

Pain around the knee

Difficulty walking

Decreased ankle movements

Bruising or swelling around the ankle

What can be done?

Immediate assessment after the injury

Reduce inflammation to assist healing

Treatment to decrease pain and increase ankle movement

Rehabilitation program to help stabilise and improve muscle support

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