Dr Ari Mihailidis has experience with babies and children.  Using gentle techniques, Chiropractors recommend that babies are assessed as soon as possible after labour. Many traumas may occur as a result of birth; forceps, vacuum suction, and caesarean and even during natural births, a baby's neck and spinal cord may have physical trauma exerted during Labour.

The practice currently consists of many babies and children. As well as seeing babies with specific complaints many of our patients bring their children in for regular Chiropractic health checks. We can assess the spine and hip joints, posture, and function of the nervous system to see if there are any areas of concern. If treatment is needed it is gentle and safe. The pressure used is no more than you would place on your eyeball.

Using specialised DNS therapy, babies can be assessed for movement or developmental problems.

If your child has / is:

Slower with their developmental milestones than other children

Forceps, Vacuum, C section delivery

Distressed birth

Call us 020 7228 7822 or and get your baby assessed as soon as possible to avoid any chronic problems.

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Dr. Ari Mihailidis