Shoulder, Arm and Wrist Pain

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Bad posture can cause forward shoulders, and create tension in the pectorals and weakness in the scapular/shoulder blade muscles.

Interestingly, the wrist can be painful, weak or uncoordinated due to the chain that connects the scapula (shoulder blade), the shoulder and the elbow and wrists.

Using specialised techniques and DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation), chiropractors commonly see the following conditions and find their cause:

Let us also remember diaphragm and breathing dysfunction which has a role in shoulder, neck and upper body conditions.

Shoulder pain is defined as soreness, tension and/or stiffness in shoulder region. There are many potential causes and our chiropractors will be able to identify the underlying problems by undertaking a Consultation which may also require x-rays to confirm the diagnosis.

The chiropractor may offer manipulation, mobilisation and exercises as treatment for this type of condition since there is evidence to suggest that this approach can aid the mid-term and long-term recovery of shoulder girdle pain and dysfunction.

Our approach is unique and effective in treating shoulder, arm and wrist pain. 

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