The goal of rehabilitation is to improve the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments to achieve a positive effect on your entire body. 

Battersea & Wandsworth Chiropractors provides rehabilitation dedicated to improving, maintaining and restoring physical strength, cognition and mobility with maximized results. Typically, rehabilitation has helped people gain greater independence after illness, injury or surgery. We aim to help individuals achieve the highest level of function, independence, and overall health and wellbeing. 

We see patients with a host of conditions whether it be a knee injury and they are wanting to compete in a marathon or they were in an accident and they are suffering from severe back pain. 

Utilising a variety of techniques and exercises to ensure a better chance of recovery, has helped our chiropractors build a strong network of patients who refer others. 

Our principal chiropractor Dr Ari also specialises in a rehabilitation therapy that works well with chiropractic adjustments. It’s called DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation) and he was the first chiropractor to offer this service in the UK. For more information on DNS.

We offer rehabilitation through chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work and other techniques as well as exercises. 

The benefits of seeing us at Battersea & Wandsworth Chiropractors for rehabilitation are vast and listed below are a few reasons how we can help:

Balance – Exercise improves your balance and good balance will certainly help you avoid injuries.

New Injuries – Exercise is essential for overcoming injuries.  Injuries prevent you from using the affected areas and weakening them.  Rehabilitation exercises help you to strengthen the injured parts, getting your body back in proper balance.

Old Injuries – While timely rehabilitation is very important, exercise can also help in coming back from old injuries.  This process will not happen as quickly as immediate rehabilitation, but is well worth the time spent.

Proper Exercise – Before you start an exercise program, be sure to consult your chiropractor.  Some forms of exercise may slow down your rehabilitation, or even make your problem worse.  Talk to us about rehabilitation and don’t rely on the fitness staff at the local gym.

If you have an injury or had an accident or just want to improve your sports performance then why not book in for a consultation with us – or 020 7228 7822.

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"We are dedicated to getting you and your family well and keeping you that way."

Dr. Ari Mihailidis