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Poor posture can affect anyone from teenagers to the elderly and many people feel the aches and pains that are associated. Extra strain is placed on muscles, ligaments and joints and over a long period, the body is unable to cope with this extra work. Standing upright with the ears, shoulders, hips and feet in-line may prove to be a difficult task.

There may be various reasons for bad posture eg. Scoliosis for others, improving posture is a matter of allowing the body to move and feel better. Once a person is able to get into a more stable position, posture retraining and muscle strengthening can begin so that good posture is achieved. Dr Mihailidis says, “Telling a teenager to improve their posture is ineffective and a combination of Chiropractic and DNS has shown great results, in teenagers and even in older people."


Tightness in the chest

Stiff ribcage

Muscle spasm / tightness

Difficulty breathing and opening up the chest

Pain in the back; neck to low back

Numbness and tingling in the arms or hands

Neck pain

Decreased movement

Pain with daily activities



Facet dysfunction

Postural strain syndrome

Disc lesion; bulge, sequestration



Structural abnormality


Our Chiropractors are trained to improve spinal movement and give specialised exercises which will keep you upright and walking taller.

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