Corporate Chiropractic

Corporate Chiropractic

Being stressed and over-worked can increase back pain, headaches, and shoulder problems. Chiropractors address corporate, work-related pain through posture correction, ergonomic (workspace) advice and exercise therapy.

'Minor illness remains the most common cause of short term absence, followed by musculoskeletal injuries, back pain and stress. The most common causes of long-term absence are acute medical conditions, stress, musculoskeletal injuries, mental ill health and back pain'. [1]

Corporate Chiropractic CASE STUDY – Patient with Lower Back Pain

  • A gentleman came in complaining of lower back pain and neck pain. He booked in for a consultation where the Chiropractor went through full joint and nerve tests, posture check, musculoskeletal tests and took x-rays to ensure complete view of his spine.
  • His job unfortunately meant that he was sitting for long periods of time, whether it be travelling to and from work, sitting at his desk or travelling on a plane. The British Heart Foundation states that people who spend long periods of time sitting have been found to have higher rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death from all causes. [2]
  • At his second visit the chiropractor went through his findings from the consultation and explained how sitting too long can seriously affect your health and can be the reason he is getting headaches as well. He put him on an intense treatment schedule in order to decrease stiffness and pain. This was to ensure that he got the most benefit. Just like you would at the gym – the more frequently you go and stick to the routine, the better the results.
  • After just 3 treatments our corporate patient had reduced back pain and some surprising benefits he had noticed was improvement in sleep and a reduction in headaches. He was given advice on setting up his chair, computer and desk height and a variety of different exercises - tailored to his job, body and lifestyle and had to compete them daily.
  • At his 12th visit where we review progress, he was out of pain both from neck and back, he noticed he was walking better, was more aware of his body, was getting a great night’s sleep and he felt more productive at work.
  • He has slowly been reduced to 1 treatment per month to prevent re occurrences.

Corporate chiropractic is tailored to the individual and the results vary from person to person. We do not cure people, we allow the body to heal itself and we educate you in holistic healthcare.

A large percentage of people we see are corporate chiropractic patients, due to our location, skills and the volume of people now in sedentary lifestyles.

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