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Living to your maximal potential?

Want to find out how to optimise your health?

Looking for a natural option to wellness without drugs or surgery?

Why do we offer Health talks?
Before joining us on your journey to better health, we welcome you to attend our complimentary health talks.  It gives us an opportunity to welcome you, family members and friends to our practice.  You can build upon your understanding of how chiropractic works and we give you advice to get better results.  
This is a complimentary talk with our experienced Chiropractor, Dr Ari Mihailidis at our practice and is part of your health journey.   We are located at 207 St Johns Hill, London, SW11 1TH and close to Clapham Junction and within the Battersea and Wandsworth area.
Those patients who attend our talks, get better results and stay healthier longer with the care we offer, and we want you to do the same.

"It makes sense, I've found Chiropractic has helped improve my energy and I feel great.  The talk helped me understand my condition and body better"
-Mrs. L. Age 58

Our office enjoys high levels of patient satisfaction because we explain things in advance. Find out for yourself and contact us.


Spaces are limited so call 020 7228 7822 or email on to book your places


  • Get useful information and achieve better results and with our experienced Chiropractor Dr Ari Mihailidis
  • Find out if Chiropractic care can help you
  • Find out how to improve your health and your family's
  • Bring along friends and family
  • Complimentary Health Talks
  • Battersea and Wandsworth Chiropractors
  • 207 St Johns Hill, London, SW11 1TH
  • Children must be 12 and over to attend



  • Parking available outside


  • Clapham Junction station (Walking: 5-10 mins)
  • Wandsworth Town station (Walking: 10 mins)


207 St John's Hill

Wandsworth, London

SW11 1TH



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"We are dedicated to getting you and your family well and keeping you that way."

Dr. Ari Mihailidis