At Battersea & Wandsworth you will find highly qualified and experienced massage therapists. These therapists differ from other places as they have been trained specifically to work for a multi-disciplinary clinic which means they understand the functionality of the body.

Whether you want to BOOK30 mins (£45) back and shoulder, a 60 mins (£60) deep tissue/ sports massage, or an intensely relaxing 90 mins (£90) massage we can tailor the massage according to your requirements and concerns. 

From our modern clinic on St John's Hill, our excellent team of massage therapists offer an extensive range of massages in the Battersea and Wandsworth area to suit all needs. All our practitioners are highly trained throughout Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth and the rest of the SW11 area, with full UK qualifications and insurance. Our massage therapists work alongside our Chiropractors to enhance overall care, functionality and well being. Our massage techniques range from Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Cupping and Pregnancy Massage.

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Please see below for a list of the types of massages we offer in the South London, SW area.

What type of massages do you offer at Battersea & Wandsworth?

  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Tailor-Made Massages
  • Corporate (neck and shoulders) 30 mins
  • Swedish Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Remedial Massage
  • Myo Facial Cupping

To book a massage book online, email or call 020 7228 7822.

What are your Massage operating times?

Our massage therapists work at the Battersea & Wandsworth Clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays which include mornings and evenings to suit everyone. 

Your Massage Therapist:



Descriptions of some of our most popular massages:

Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue massage therapists focus on stimulating muscle tissue at a deeper, more functional level. A deep tissue massage can be a very effective technique for releasing tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system through slow strokes and deep pressure. This form of massage can be a valuable part of maintaining good muscle condition to prevent aches and pains and to allow optimal posture and movement patterns.

The benefits of regular deep tissue massages are vast and has been known to stimulate the skin and nervous system to reduce emotional and physical stress, improving your overall well-being.

With the added benefit of improved mood and energy levels, why not book in with one of our SW11 massage therapists today.

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Sports Massage 

This type of massage is often also used as part of a sports training programme to help recovery and fine tune optimal strength and flexibility. The massage therapist may also include various stretching techniques for added benefit during and after your sports massage.

To improve recovery, sports massages specifically focus on the muscle systems that are used in athletic activities, and can be vital to your sports activity, training or to help with rehabilitation. The deep muscular tissue manipulation might be uncomfortable to begin with, however as the muscles and joints respond to the massage, there achive recovery, a significant reduction in stiffness and an improvement in flexibility. 

Whether it’s a deep tissue massage or a sports massages, the benefits can include:

  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Recovery
  • Sports relief
  • Lack of mobility
  • Rehabilitation
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Postural conditions
  • Arthritic pain
  • Muscle tension or spasm
  • Stress relief 

The added benefit of a massage is the enhancement of your mood, performance, improved form and general overall well-being. Why not book in for a sports massage or deep tissue massage with one of our SW11 massage therapists today?

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    Tailor-made massage

    This type of massage is catered and tailored to your specific issues, needs and goals. The massage therapist will often combine a number of massage styles and techniques, such as deep tissue and trigger-point compression methods to relieve sore muscles and increase physical endurance, power and general flexibility. They can take a holistic approach and target your whole body or just work on the areas that they find are causing discomfort. The tailor-made massage is a great one for people who would like to experience different techniques and who have different areas that need more focus than others. Why not book in with one of our massage therapists based in the SW11 area.

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    Myo fascial cupping

    The Benefits include:

    1) Stimulates whole body relaxation response (parasympathetic response)

    2) Stimulates oxygenation and detoxification of blood while promoting a feeling of lightness and relief of pressure

    3) Detoxifies metabolic debris in muscle tissue, fascia, and skin

    4) Increases range of motion, breaks up adhesion's, and promotes healing in scar tissue and chronic injury sites

    5) Increases lymphatic drainage & promotes circulation

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    What are the physical benefits of a massage? 

    Massages can help to reduce muscular tension and pain. Massage promotes quicker healing of injured muscles and reduces muscle tightness whilst also improving joint flexibility and posture.

    What are the psychological benefits of massage?

    Massage is key in promoting well being and relaxation. It can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression whilst also improving blood and lymph circulation. Many clients find that they sleep better after receiving a massage whether it be for relaxation or deep tissue.

    Can I have a massage after my chiropractic adjustment?

    Yes, If you are a chiropractic patient then you can choose to have an adjustment before or after your massage as its a great time to relax and unwind. Just to be sure you can always speak with your chiropractor.

    To book a massage book online, email or call 020 7228 7822.

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