Sports Chiropractors

Sports Chiropractors

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Fitness enthusiasts and sports professionals use chiropractic as part of their training regime and rehabilitation. By correcting balance and alignment, we can improve performance and recovery for optimum health and fitness.

Techniques such as DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation) are used for sports performance and rehabilitation as well as chiropractic adjustments.  Rehabilitation of athletic injuries and performance training should not only focus on training muscles for general dynamic function but also their stabilising function, i.e. core work. The DNS approach serves as an important method for both assessment and training of muscles in all facets of their physiological function (purposeful movement and stabilisation functions) by using positions determined by developmental kinesiology.

CASE STUDY – Bike accident

A fitness fanatic whose preferred sport is cycling had a bike accident where he broke his wrist and fractured his knee and lower leg which is why he came in on crutches. During his Consultation the chiropractor, trained in DNS went through a full medical history, nerve, joint and posture check and he took x-rays as well.

His consultation revealed that he had severe muscle wasting on is right quad and gluteal muscles and doctors stated that he would never be able to run again and walking would be difficult.  Specific assessments were carried out, which examine how the brain recognises the body map, and the patient was unsuccessful.

Throughout the treatment schedule of the patient he received fascial releases, chiropractic adjustments and regular DNS work which he then had to complete at home in between his treatment schedule. Other rehabilitation exercises were also carried out.  He was also given supplements and nutritional advice to improve muscle function and promote tissue healing.

Progression was slow but steady and soon he was walking without crutches but with a limp.

After 6 months of an intense rehabilitation schedule the patient was walking within normal limits, his gluteal and quad strength was now normal, he exercises at the gym and is not restricted or suffering from pain.

He is still getting regular treatments after 16 months and going from strength to strength.

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